Finding our feet, finding a plan…

So there’s been a lot of work going on lately, but not much that’s truly exciting.  They’ve decided a basic size, which was key.  That, in turn, lead us to some measurements, which lead us to figuring out what we’re going to need for some of the materials, as well as some pretty involved math (see photos) which lead to our third and fourth graders learning what ‘a2 + b2 = c2‘ means.  I don’t know that they ‘got’ it, but I also don’t think they are quite ready for that developmentally, and they still figured out how to use the formula, once Mrs. O’Neill and I show them what it really means, so I still consider it a victory.

We also figured, given information found online, that we’re going to have about two pounds of lift using helium.  It’s going to be tough to keep the weight low enough so that this thing can fly, but they’re still up to the challenge.  Now, I have to do some serious shopping, to make sure we’ve got the parts to build this thing.





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