How to Properly Design a Robot

I will admit, I went into this project with certain preconceptions.  I fully expected this thing to be a roto-copter drone that could quickly buzz along the trail.  I figured the biggest challenge would be keeping it light enough and mounting the camera.  But I was determined to only influence the design in terms of functioning; reminding them that if it’s going to fly, it’s got to be light, or helping them problem solve engineering difficulties.

I’m so glad that I’ve been keeping my promise to myself.  They started out by drawing out pictures of their ideas, trying to put down on paper what’s only been in their heads until now.  I’ve included three below.

EllaBot – Draft

LoganBot – Draft

MaddyBot – Draft

Then, last week, they started construction.  I wanted them to get a feel for what kinds of difficulties they would encounter building their bot at full scale.


So that’s where they are now.  We’ve started to build and run into problems.  They’re very rough models, but it’s giving them an idea of what we’re going to encounter as we go.  Luckily, they’re tenacious and willing to stick with it.


Edit – Apparently despite the fact that I wrote this the second week of November, I never actually pushed the ‘publish’ button, so the above is a couple weeks old, but I plan to have a new entry out to y’all soon.  My apologies.

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