Approaching the Finish Line

Well, I’m not entirely sure if we’re allowed to continue past the last day of school, but with only 6 weeks left, FEERSE would never get finished in time.  So I’ve come up with a plan to give us more time. First, beginning next week, Mondays through Thursdays will be Robotics day after school.  I’ll […]

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Let’s Make A Thing Do A Thing!

We were lucky enough to be able to invite an engineer to one of our January meetings, who has experience with programming, and the kids were hooked instantly.  Mr. O’Neill, the husband of my co-coach, gave the students a 5-minute introduction to learning to code using ‘block coding’ and then set them loose using the […]

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Tough decisions need to be made…

Well, the holidays have come and gone, and though this blog may have been quiet, the LRES Robotics Program certainly hasn’t.   The team has been trying to decide between two primary methods of movement for the robot:  Ground or air.  The biggest problem that I’ve seen between these two would be getting the maneuverability that […]

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How to Properly Design a Robot

I will admit, I went into this project with certain preconceptions.  I fully expected this thing to be a roto-copter drone that could quickly buzz along the trail.  I figured the biggest challenge would be keeping it light enough and mounting the camera.  But I was determined to only influence the design in terms of […]

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